Oh my god, he’s behind you!
Honestly I promise you he’s over there.

Yes I know this sounds like a scene from a pantomime but it is infact another dating story for you!
Based on pre~covid true events…..

You two are not funny I said laughing along at their grinning faces.

We were sat in our local pub, waiting for dinner to arrive (those were the days!)
and having a catch up. Obviously the conversation had swiftly turned to one of our  favourite topics ~dating.

So I was chatting to this guy earlier, he seemed quite nice ‘he asked me out for a drink tonight’ ‘nothing like short notice hey’ says Sally ‘ oh I know, I said I was meeting you guys and maybe another time etc’
‘Ooh really, where is he from, how old is he and what does he look like?’ pipes up Emily.
‘Well he is local, not sure where exactly,  he is 42yrs old, hang on I’ll show you’.

The girls took my phone, had a good look at him and his profile before handing it back to me.

Then roughly 5 minutes later they both nearly fell off of  their chairs and proclaimed that he was standing at the bar!!!

‘If you don’t believe us,have a look for yourself’ says Sally.

I turn round slowly and cannot quite believe that they aren’t winding me up.

After much giggling, we ate our food and decided to leave the pub, much to the girls amusement and my embarrassment we had to walk passed him and his friends to get out.
I had decided on discretely leaving but
Emily decided that wasn’t an option and dropped my name loudly into conversation as we walked past, laughing like a group of teenagers.

Once I got home, I sent him a quick message asking if he had enjoyed his evening and apologising for any awkwardness.

He was somewhat confused as to why it would of been awkward~I said I didn’t come and say hi as we were both out with friends etc.

‘I’m not sure what you mean, I was just down the road at my local ‘he said.

‘Yes I was in there too, I wasn’t sure if you had seen me or indeed heard my friends dropping my name loudly into conversation hee hee ‘.

‘Oh where you sitting over in the corner?’

‘Yes that’s right ‘ I said.

‘Aha yes, I saw someone with blonde hair is that you?’

At this point I wasn’t quite sure what to say as in my profile picture I quite clearly have dark hair~enough said!

‘Do you go to that pub often?’ He asked.

‘Now and then’ I replied.

‘I like it in there, its nice and easy to walk to from home ‘

‘Always handy when you can walk/stumble home after a night out hee hee’ I said.

‘Yes for sure, I live down Smith Avenue, so its not far at all’

‘Smith avenue??’ I ask, if I thought this night couldn’t have any more surprises then I was totally wrong.

‘Yes I don’t know if you know it? I’ve lived here for about 3years now’ .

‘Oh yes I know it very well’ I reply, trying to ascertain if this was some kind of a wind up.

‘Oh right~whereabouts are you then?’he asks.

‘I’m at home in Smith Avenue!’ Comes my  reply laughing to myself,thinking we couldn’t of made this up if we tried.


Conclusion~it turned out that he lived about 4 doors down from me on the opposite side of the road, our paths had never knowingly crossed before and although we kept in touch, we never did go out for that drink!

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