Here comes the sun…

One thing that is certain in these ever changing times is that I am most definitely not a morning person.
It takes a strong coffee (or 2)and a hot shower to wake me up.

However with life as busy as ever, juggling kids,work and home is always a delicate balance.

Whilst keeping on top of those things its also important for me to keep on top of my skincare routine.

Living with 2 teenagers means a constant queue for the bathroom which is why we love Palmolive naturals coconut shower cream,it keeps our skin,soft,smooth and smelling amazing in one go.                                       No matter what the day has in store be it work or play, after showering with palmolive naturals coconut shower cream we  can all feel beach ready and prepared for anything come rain or shine.

It is dermatologically tested and contains moisturising milk for super smooth feeling skin,a definite win with the teenagers~so I will be keeping our bathroom shelves well stocked,aswell as keeping a cheeky supply just for me!

Palmolive naturals coconut shower cream leaves skin feeling invigorated soft and smooth whilst smelling amazing,the delicate coconut scent is reminiscent of dreamy summer days,speaking of which with the summer holidays approaching I am dreaming of beach days, fun in the garden,swimming be it in the pool or the sea and lots of outdoor fun.

All of these things can take their toll on our skin and as I am aware I’m not getting any younger with each birthday~eek, I am ever conscious of looking after myself in many different ways including keeping my skin soft and subtle.

Palmolive naturals coconut shower cream comes in handy sized bottles making it perfect to pack for a day out or a holiday.

So after a dip in the paddling pool or a paddle in the sea you can cool off and remoisturise with confidence,leaving you clean,fresh and super smooth.

Being able to use this shower cream as a family is definitely another win for me and it has become a firm favourite on my shopping list.

*This product was gifted by Palmolive,but all views are my own*

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