Days like these.

We may well of walked a few steps today and it was so so worth it. We were so lucky to see the magnificent Deer which were absolutely breath taking,I could of stood and watched them all day.
Home for a yummy dinner with my Mama made for a really lovely sunday.❤x

Sunday Lunch

We are very excited that my Mum is coming to see us today for lunch.
It feels like an absolute age since she has been here.

I’ve already text her to see if she has some yorkshire puddings she can bring~you just know she’ll have a stash of homemade ones in the freezer ready for any occasion!

The sun is shining again today,my flowers are blooming and the Gammon that’s cooking smells good.

I hope that we never ever take the small things in life for granted again.❤x

Oh Mum

‘Oh Mum why are you wearing heels just to come to the supermarket?’
Was Ads question this morning
I think him and the guy behind us where both baffled as I tried to explain that these are just normal heels, not ‘Heels’as such.

If you know you!
Happy Sunday.❤x