It’s all about you

We are all fabulous,each and every one of us.

Its time to celebrate~celebrate being you and what better way to do that than by entering this giveaway,with some fabulous prizes up for grabs.

Good~luck everyone. ❤x


I heard this in the car earlier~had to turn it up and sing along of course!
Then recorded it and sent it to my big sis. Was one of our favourites back in the day. I love how music can bring back so many memories.❤x

The girl with the rose tinted glasses.

Do you ever wish you could see yourself through someone elses eyes every now and then?

During a conversation this weekend,  I was told I view the world through ‘rose tinted glasses’ interestingly this is something I have been told before in a few different ways, I don’t feel that’s a bad thing, its true I do try and find positives where I can~although when the hoover decided to throw its entire contents across the landing tonight~positive vibes were definitely failing me!!

I have decided I like the title ‘the girl with the rose tinted glasses’ so I’m claiming that,even though I’m 43yrs old! ❤x

Just for fun.

A modern twist on dating….

Once upon a time there was a princess looking for a prince.

She tried her hand at fishing but the water was too murky.

Next she thought that maybe the bees could help her but she was frightened of getting stung.

She tried to strike things up but the fire didn’t light.

Swiping left to right gave her quite a fright.

A book that she found didn’t feature the face.

Was she ever going to find harmony in this place?

Watch this space…❤x