Without you

A whole year without you 💔

We remember you today and everyday,with memories tucked safe in our hearts that won’t ever go away.

Miss you Nan 💔 x



I was standing in the kitchen washing up, thinking about the day ahead, what food we will eat, what to wear etc, wondering if I would wear shorts as its hot but you know I hate my legs~the list could go on.

When perspective slapped me in the face ~hard!

Tomorrow we have to face a huge challenge saying farewell to our super nan~together but apart from eachother.

With that in mind~what does it matter how I look in shorts? What does it matter if I haven’t got it all together today, if the house is a mess or the ironing is piling up?

It doesn’t but those small things play on my mind and I wish they wouldn’t.

I want to see the bigger picture~appreciate the here and now.
Appreciate everyone who is in my life and cherish those who are no longer here but have shaped my life and filled my heart with love and memories that time can never steal.

I have no words to describe how I feel about tomorrow being so close but so far away from my loving family.

One thing is for sure though we will get through this together.

I found myself quoting Dads words to my boy the other day ‘there is nothing that can’t be sorted together’.

So now as I get my 2nd or is it 3rd coffee of the morning~I am planning to make the most of that ‘prospective slap’, get out in the fresh air, have a picnic with my the kids and make more memories. Seize the day and yes wear the damn shorts!!

Lots of love to everyone.❤ x

Goodbye ‘2019’

Goodbye ‘2019’ you’ve left me without the words to express what a year it has been.

Heaven has gained another angel and left a huge void in the hearts of so many.

Tonight as midnight strikes and we welcome in a new year,a new decade and indeed a new chapter, may you cherish those who you hold dear, love a little harder,forgive a little easier and make the most of each and every day.

Make those memories, be present and never take anything from this precious life for granted.



I can’t believe it,it just doesn’t seem true,that a whole year has passed without you.

365 days since I heard your voice, saw you smile and was able to sit and chat with you for a while.

What I wouldn’t give to talk to you, to bend your ear and cry on your shoulder, even though I am another year older.

I miss you more than words can say and think about you with each passing day.

As the days,weeks and months go by,I find myself looking up to the sky, willing you to hear to me cry ‘hey dad, guess what?’ I have things I want to tell you that mean such a lot’.

Memories will never age and love will last forever. Until we meet again,I shall forget you never.

Cheers Dad for being the best.